LVEVA Media Coverage and Upcoming Events

Latest happenings at Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association during June and July 2017:

1. Installation for LVEVA Officer Positions: Lloyd Reece will continue as President and Treasurer while Justin Steele replaces Evan Eskelson as Vice-President. Stan Hanel will take over as Secretary for website administration and social media communications.

2. Media coverage:
Las Vegas Review-Journal with video featuring LVEVA President Lloyd Reece demonstrating the operation of his Nissan LEAF:

Las Vegas Business Press regarding EV infrastructure statewide, written by Stan Hanel:

News3-TV, Channel 3 of LVEVA President Lloyd Reece and his Nissan LEAF, as well as his vintage 1982 Lectra Motors electric car:

KLAS-TV, Channel 8 regarding Nevada Electric Highway charging station infrastructure and featuring two members of Las Vegas Tesla Owners and their Model S vehicles:

3. Upcoming Events:

August 12th: LVEVA Monthly Meeting at Findlay Chevrolet Special presentation about Chevrolet Bolt EV with test drives if models available (see post above).

September 9th: National Drive Electric Week event and electric car rally in Las Vegas on Saturday at Springs Preserve from 10 AM to 2 PM:

Note: This event is scheduled for the second Saturday of September and coincides with the same time slot as the monthly general meeting of the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association during that month.